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Monument Valley

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Monument Valley is part of the Navajo Nation in southeastern Utah. Wide shot of The Mittens Monument Valley, Utah Beginning in 1925 with the film The Vanishing American, Monument Valley has been the visual representation of the American West. John Ford made Monument Valley famous as the backdrop for most of his Westerns including Stagecoach, Fort Apache, How the West Was Won, My Darling Clementine, and The Searchers. Continue reading »

Ice Castle

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Ice Castle at Night with Multi colored lights I was looking for different things to do in outside in the winter and came across an Ice Castle at Stratton Mountain in Vermont. Continue reading »

Camping in Lake Powell

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We spent four days in the Wahweap Campground overlooking Lake Powell. It was a beautiful and relaxing spot. While we were there I got up early for some solitude and to witness the dramatic sunrises over Lake Powell. Sunrise over Lake Powell Continue reading »

A (Love) Hate Letter to Winter

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I gave in and went to the gym today. We've been staying in eastern New York on the border of Vermont and the nearest gym—we still have our Planet Fitness membership—is more than 30 minutes away. I have not been able to justify driving for nearly the same amount of time I'm going to workout, so for the past two months I've braved the wind, snow, and brutally cold temperatures to do my daily five-mile walk outside. Today wasn't even the coldest day, that was a couple of weeks ago: a -14 air temp, -24 wind chill (nothing like the -110 windchill on the summit of Whiteface in Lake Placid) but this whole week was windy with negative air temps and so this morning when I saw that it was -3 air temp, -23 windchill, suddenly the drive was justifiable.
Frozen Morning WalkLight Snow CoverBlue Skies Over SnowLong Shadows in the SnowWinter WonderlandSnow Coated FarmSnow CoatedFrozen Skaneateles LakeBright Sun and Snow
 iPhone photos from my mornings walks
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Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument

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After getting our permit for The Wave, we stopped for lunch at the Paria Scenic Viewpoint and then drove a dangerous, rutted, unpaved road down toward the Paria Ghost Town. The road got far too steep and treacherous and we were worried we wouldn’t make it back up, so we stopped the car at a pull off and continued down on foot. Road down to Paria, Utah Paria, Utah Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument Continue reading »

Zion National Park

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We didn’t have much time in Zion--we only allowed ourselves a day there on our way to The Wave. So we drove through Zion, taking in the towering peaks.
Court of the Patriarchs in Zion National Park

Court of the Patriarchs

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Rhyolite Ghost Town

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Wide shot of mountains and Rhyolite Ghost Town The town of Rhyolite, Nevada rose and fell in less than a decade. The town started in 1905 with two men working at the Montgomery Shoshone Mine, with the promise of the mine the town grew to more than 2500 people in six months and had saloons, hotels, restaurants, barbers, and a newspaper. Continue reading »

Death Valley National Park

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Death Valley is the land of extremes, it has the record for the hottest temperature in the world: 134˚F in 1913, and it’s the driest climate and the lowest elevation in North America.  The National Park has a page with some interesting facts about why it is so hot and dry. Road into Death Valley National Park Continue reading »

San Francisco, California

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We continued up the Pacific Coast Highway heading for San Francisco. Rocky pacific coast in California in the morning from Big SurKite Surfers on the Pacific in California Continue reading »

Big Sur

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We continued north along the increasingly treacherous and amazingly gorgeous Pacific Coast Highway. Fog over the Pacific from Route 1 California Continue reading »