The Wave

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Trail into Coyote Buttes NorthThe Wave 01Coyote Buttes North 01Hiking in Coyote Buttes NorthParia Canyon-Vermilion Cliffs 01Hiking to the WaveJust Below the WaveEntering The WaveStripes of The WaveLooking Out of The WaveBright WaveLight and Shadow in the WaveThe Wave 02Sandstone SculpturesWaving RocksHamburger RockWaving LinesLooking Over Paria Canyon-Vermilion CliffsHiking Above The WaveSandstone FormationsCoyote Buttes North 02Orange and Yellow LandscapeThe Second WaveParia Canyon-Vermilion Cliffs 02Hiking on SandstoneHiking in Coyote Buttes NorthStorm Approaching The WaveLooking into The WaveThe Wave from AboveAbove The Wave 02Orange FloorThe CreaseAbove The Wave 03Photographing The WaveAbove The Wave 04The Wall of The WaveLooking Through The WaveThe Wave 05Above The Wave 06The Wave 03In The Wave 01In The Wave 02In The Wave 03Waving SandstoneSide Entrance to The WavePassage to The WaveWaving EntranceWave to the SkyIn The Wave 04Coyote Buttes North 03Angles of The WaveLines of The WaveIn The Wave 05The Wave 04Walls of The WaveSandy EntranceSwirling SandstoneSwirling PassageClouds Breaking Above The WaveLooking Out From The Wave 01Edge of The WaveThe Wave 05From The WaveThe Wave 06Inside The WaveLooking Back through the Entrance to The WaveThe Wave 07Looking Out From The Wave 02Close Up of The WaveLooking Out from The Wave 03Looking Out from The Wave 04Looking into The WaveLooking Back from The WaveCoyote Buttes 01Red Plant in Orange SandstoneTrees in the ButtesCoyote Buttes North 04Paria Canyon-Vermilion Cliffs 03Coyote Buttes North 05Hiking to The WaveParia Canyon-Vermilion Cliffs 04Coyote Buttes 02Coyote Buttes Management AreaThe Trail to The WaveEmergency Response is Never Rapid